katie-engagement-14-of-62-1Hi, I’m Katie! I’m the girl from the girl and her poms.  I’m also a natural pet food and pet care expert.  I blog about my Poms and share their adventures, pet health tips, favorite DIYs and recipes, pet products and more!

Meet The Poms:

mlv_7464.jpgParker is the senior Pom of the household!  Parker is 12 years old and recently had his left eye removed.  Despite his senior status he is spunky, loving and absolutely full of life.  Parker loves attention and being in front of the camera!

Rachel is the only lady Pom in the family! katie-p-jan-2015-46-of-66She is truly a Princess. She loves snuggling with her Daddy and going on car rides. Rachel is truly a fetch-a-holic! She will play fetch 24/7/365!

Oliver is the youngest Pom in the family. He is 3 years old and came to the family at 11 months old after being relinquished by his former family. He is a puppy mill rescue 21106388_10108821135680318_1393119787857488672_nwho has two speeds- super crazy wild man and SLEEPING. Oliver loves playing at daycare with his friends then coming home and sleeping on his back. Because of his rough start at life he is quite a project in socialization!


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